Essay about exams

Essay about exams

Essay about exams
I can’t forget my final exams at school. During those exams I was totally concerned about my future. I used to think that exams could somehow influence on our lives. Now I understand that there are some things in this world that are more important than just exams in school or university.

I would like to start with an idea that life is a one huge exam. It doesn’t matter how educated you are. Life will test you harder than every test in a school or a college. If you didn’t pass your exams, there is no need to agonize over it. At least, you can try to pass it other time.

Talking about my experience in passing exams, I should say that you can’t avoid anxiety and uncertainty even if you know everything. That is how I pass my exams every time. Of course, it hinders from time to time, as you can’t express your ideas clear or you can’t concentrate on the spot.

One more thing about passing exam is cheating. I am a type of person who can’t cheat in any way. If I try to peep somewhere or get something from my pocket, it will end sadly. Everyone will notice that I certainly have something. Sometimes I am clumsy, that is why I can’t be accurate and quiet. In my case it is better to learn something by heart and write it on my own. Unfortunately, there is no other option here. But I have friends who were able to cheat in situations where it seemed to have no ways to cheat at all.

Some of you may understand that relieving feeling after passing exams. You can be free and do whatever you want. There is no need to cram all day long. Moreover, you can start working somewhere, in case you are a student and there are holidays at this very moment. It is up to you to decide where to work. You can choose a job where your professional skills are needed or you can find a job that is not connected with your education at all. Anyway, you are through with these nasty exams.

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5 thoughts on “Essay about exams”

  1. Oh my God. I totally agree with you. I remember my last exam. I was so nervous. Ma palms were wet, my voice trembled, and, finally, I passed! It carved in my mind so bad. My last exam was 10 years ago, but sometimes I can see it in my dreams

  2. Actually it is hard to disagree with you. We study for years just to pass exams successfully, not to be prepared for the future. One day I just gave up. Seriously. It was about 4 hours before exam and i didn’t even try to prepare and to learn smth. And guess what? I passed it. I believe that exams are about luck than knowledge.

  3. Also always very nervous during the exams. With experience came the understanding that stress interferes. You cannot concentrate and risk making stupid mistakes. In a calm state, it is much easier to find the right answers to any questions.

  4. Yes, in fact,this is so,constantly setting ourselves up for exams,and in the end do not even imagine what will happen next with us,where we will go to teach,where to work,although perhaps it is correct, because the problems must be solved as they arrive.

  5. Having passed six exams in accounting, I should say that it was very challenging! Now I’m really proud to have my award – the diploma in management accounting.
    About cheating. If you even wanted to do so, it would be hard to realize without being caught. Since you are always under supervision of an invigilator and several cameras.
    Moreover, cheating is a poor thing from an ethical point of view. My main task was to get knowledge, not just pass the exam by any means.

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