Essay about extreme sports

Essay about extreme sports

For most of us extreme sports are the impossible thing that can be described by such words as “risk”, “danger”, “injury”. They indeed include a great element of danger but there are plenty of people who have enough courage to challenge themselves in trying high risky sports. Whether it is a base-jumping or a crazy stunt on a skateboard there is no point in denying that extreme sports have taken off over the last ten years.

Free solo climbing is one of the most dangerous extreme sport. It demands a lot of developed physical skills like stamina, sense of balance and agility. Free solo climbing is also known as the free soloing. It is easy to guess that there is no any safety equipment used by a climber. No ropes, no cables, no trappings — only enormous height and a free soloist. Any fall can be fatal. To be honest, it is scary just to watch.

Another perilous extreme sport is a bungee jumping. It includes three main things: a tall structure, a long and elastic cable and a fearless person who is ready to jump into uncertainty. We have a numerous range of structures which jumpers take place from. They can be a skyscraper or a bridge or even a helicopter. The most terrific thing in jumping is flying down until while a cord is stretching. Indescribable feeling of free fall is no for everyone.

Finally, we cannot miss a cave diving. Underground caves are typically filled with plenty of water, so, doing this sport, drivers use special equipment that allows him to keep warmth and breathe freely. Usually they cannot swim to the surface until their way is completely done because of cave’s ceilings. The main threat of being under water for too long in the total darkness is to choke.

It seems certain that extreme sports will be more and more popular among people thirsting adventures and risk. So, in the nearest feature a jaw-dropping action will be enjoyable not only for sportsmen but for spectators too.

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