Essay about family life

Essay about family life

Family life is never easy as people often say. It also differs greatly when we are kids from when we are adults.
Being a child and living in a happy family sounds like a perfect picture. You do not have to worry about nothing, parents love and care about you; you’re always the center of everyone’s attention.

But the second parents decide to have another child – appears competition between siblings for the love of their parents. It is always up to mother and father to solve these conflicts and explain to their children that family is no place for rivalry.
If parents will not interfere, there is a great chance their kids will spend their youth in pointless hate towards each other.

Things are so much more different when you are an adult. First of all it is you, the one who is creating a family. Now it is your job to care about its wellbeing, supply it and make everyone in it happy. Such a huge responsibility often leads to the fact that adults decide not to have a family of their own, preferring being forever free and single. I think that this choice is often dictated by the kind of family these people had in their younger years. Whether the atmosphere in it was good or bad and whether they want to experience something like that again. But also sometimes kids, who weren’t fortunate enough to have a happy family, decide to create their own a fill it with love and happiness. This way they compensate the lack of love from their parents.

Living in a family is all about the ability of making compromises, there is no place for selfishness in it. The center of every family should be love and the desire to share this love with each other. All of this will eventually end up in producing happy members of our society, therefore changing it for good, as family as sociological concept is an important unit of every kind of society.

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