Essay about family photograph

Essay about family photograph

Essay about family photograph
Photography was invented because people wanted to keep their images forever. Pictures held the beauty, and each person stayed young in them. Also they allow to stop the moment when people were happy. Even after the death of the person, his children can see the face of that whom they love and miss. Talking about family photograph we can confirm that taking a common picture is a tradition. Many years ago it was a ceremony to gather together.

Family members got ready to this event. Men shaved, women made beautiful hairstyles. Everybody, old people and children, wore their best suits, dresses. Then they sat close to each other, smiled and that way got a memory for centuries. The pictures were black and white.

Years later cameras were improved and the pictures became colorful. When people want to remember how they or their relatives looked, they take a photo album and watch it. Usually in the center of the photo parents are located. They are surrounded by kids and grandchildren. This wonderful ritual is practiced till now. Although digital cameras are at our disposal, professional apparatus is used to make a great family photograph. It is an inheritance for next generations.

In each family there is a picture where all members are depicted. You can take it at home, on vacation, outdoors. Thanks to modern technologies it’s possible to correct the picture, using different computer programs. You may add anything merry, for example, funny details, as sweets, hearts, glasses, beard. This is a kind of a hobby. In the pictures we are happy, friendly.

Our love to mother, father, sisters, brothers, children is in each corner. There we hug, kiss and smile. The dearest minutes, transferred by these pictures, which are frozen in them, are put on the visible place in our living-room or somewhere at home. It’s really amazing.

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