Essay about family relationship

Essay about family relationship

It is often said that family is everything. And honestly I couldn’t agree more. For most people it’s their small world where they always feel safe and happy, where they are loved just as they are. But unfortunately not all people can experience that as family relationships often vary.

There are so many families where kids are abandoned, parents suffer from different addiction, members of the family don’t care about each other and that is sad. Because children who grow up in such conditions don’t know what is it like to be loved by their parents, they’re often insecure and try to act tougher than they really are. On the contrary – they try to give their children as much love as possible, proving to themselves that they can be better parents than their mom and dad.

Family relationships is a very important topic and it is absolutely up to parents to explain it to their kids, showing them that family is a safe place where everything is built on mutual respect and love, not fear and hatred. Kids should know, that parents are their friends, and not be afraid to share their problems with them in case there are some.

It is also very important to share your thoughts and dreams with your family, spend with them as much time as possible, building a bond with your loved ones. Some people believe that family should always come first, that is has to be your number one priority. And I almost agree with that, because if the relation inside of it is completely ruined there is no reason to continue fighting for it. There just are families not worth it as I already mentioned above.

But anyway family – is one of the most important units of our society. Building it is never easy but eventually it always pays off, one way or another. And we should put as much effort as possible into creating it, to make out of it something worth admiration and respect.

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