Essay about family relationships

Essay about family relationships

Family relationships
Nearly everyone can confirm that family relationships have a great impact on every person. Even I can’t deny that relations with my parents somehow formed and shaped my identity. I took my parents as a role model. Now I am trying to emulate them in every step, because I find it right how they raised me. I would like to raise my children in the same way.

Every family varies in some aspects. For example, in my family it is a common thing to support each other in difficult situations. Each member of my family gives good advice, which can be used in the future. I often listen to this advice and appreciate it as it always help me. But there are families, which are not so friendly. Parents in these families are not very concerned about children and their future.

They think that all they need to do is to give food and shelter to their children. As a result, parents wait from their children gratefulness and respect. Raising children is not about giving them food and shelter. The real parent should give care and love to his own child. It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of money or not. Even children of wealthy parents feel lonely and miserable. That shows that money can’t replace parents at all.

Parents should accept their children as they are. Sometimes it is difficult to prove something to your child. You don’t want you child suffer from wrong decisions. You give him the right one, but he or she is stubborn to accept it. All in all, he comes to you regretting that he didn’t listen to your advice. Right after this experience he should understand how much you love him. In the future, he will listen to you carefully.

Finally, I should notice that I had the same experience. And after one case I realized how wise my parents are. Always appreciate their help and effort, because one day you have to raise your own children, who will behave the same way you treat your own parents.

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