Essay about family role in society

Essay about family role in society

Human society is quite a complex thing and family is an important unit of it. This concept helps to build a structure of society, divide it into smaller, yet connected parts. Beside all that family plays a unique role to every single person.
When we feel sad we know that we always can turn to our family for some comfort, tell them what bothers us from the inside and not be afraid to be judged. Also when we are happy our family members usually are the first ones we share our happiness with. So basically our family members are often our best and closest friends.

Family is where our first knowledge of the world around us starts. This is our parents and grandparents, who shape our personalities into the way they most likely will remain for the rest of our lives. They give us some basic knowledge about literally everything. IN the family we learn how to behave in society, how to communicate to other people, how to express ourselves. It is usually parents who form their children’s hobbies. Family support also means a lot. Supporting your child’s obsession with music could result in him becoming a world famous star, who knows?

The traditional concept of the family is a bit blurred nowadays. If decades ago a family had to start with a registered marriage, today two people can just live together and consider themselves a complete family. But as traditional rules of creating a family had shifted, the importance of one still remains the same.

It is hard to underestimate the importance of the family nowadays, it plays so many roles – reproductive, educational, structural and many others. Considering all those ties between a single family and society in general, I could also add, that if every family follows the rules and fairly plays all the roles it is supposed to – our society will be greater than ever.

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