Essay about family values

Essay about family values

Family values is a cultivated within a certain society set of rules and expectations about how a family should look like and function. The main purpose of creating them is to provide an ability to family to function normally and fulfill all its purposes. Of course, in different countries, these rules and expectations tend to be different, but there always are some similarities between them.

One of the most important and basic family value is an ability to make compromises. People should understand the importance of being able to let go of your desires for someone they love. This is something that is crucial and fundamental to any kind of family, if its members want it to be a happy one.

Another value is respect – I would say that it is a part of the previous statement, as it serves pretty much the same purpose. Mutual respect in family is especially important if there are kids in it, as seeing their parents respect each other, will show children how essential it is in life.

Also let’s not forget about honesty. To me family is a place where you don’t have secrets from each other. It is a crucial thing to know that I can come to my loved once and tell them anything without being judged or laughed at.
The last but not the least, family value that is important for me – is forgiveness. Because if family members can’t forgive you, then who can? I believe that it is crucial in family life to be able to forgive each other and not immediately start a fight. Talking is the best way to solve any argument within a family.

So these are the basic family values that I believe are important to any family and without which it is hard, if not impossible, for it to remain a happy one. Also it is important to teach kids about these values, so they could pass them on to their kids and so on. So eventually all families could be happy.

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