Essay about family

Essay about family

Everybody needs a family, because nobody can survive without relatives. Family gives support and confidence to people. Little children are learning how to socialize in the family, and elderly people receive moral support and necessary help from younger relatives. Those who don’t have a family are really lonely.

So, people must value their relatives and try to get on well with them. Sometimes it is difficult, but we must try. Family is the man’s nearest and dearest thing, it is the most valuable treasure. Relatives will never betray or deceive, we may trust them in any circumstances.

How to get on well with family members

Some families are quite small, and others are very big. In some families there are three or more children, and also there are elder relatives, grandmothers and grandfathers. Other families consist of three persons: parents and their only child. Family members must get on well with each other. Mutual understanding and mutual trust is very important. Also, relatives must often talk to each other and discuss important problems. During the discussion, it is necessary to stay calm instead of quarrelling. It will help to save good family relations.

The secret of an ideal family

Every family has its own secret of happiness, but there are also come common secrets that are suitable to all people. First, it is necessary to love close relatives and to understand them. Second, it is necessary to have interesting family traditions. These traditions may be connected with some holidays (for example, New Year or Christmas). And, third, people must accept close relatives as they are, with all their positive and negative features. These secrets will help to improve family relations and to save the family from destruction. And, of course, they will help people to become kinder and more tolerant.

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  1. The family is a quiet harbor, a citadel where every member of the family feels protection, support and love. But it is not so easy to keep the hearth warmly in the family for many years. We need to strive for this all the time.

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  2. Thank you for such a nice article! I cannot imagine my life without my relatives. Wherever I am, I can always turn to my parents for their help and support. The family is the most important feature in my life and we are always trying to maintain our relationships on the highest level.

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