Essay about fast food advantages and disadvantages

Essay about fast food advantages and disadvantages

Fast food: advantages and disadvantages
Have you ever tried fast food? I guess, you have, if you are not from the other planet, of course. Some of you may say that this is not good for health and you always need to do physical exercises in order to prevent overweighting. But junk food still exists, in spite of those bad facts about it.

What good reasons can we find for eating fast food? First of all, the key lies in its name. Yes, you are right! It’s all about saving time. You don’t need to spend the whole day at the kitchen, once you have a hamburger from MacDonald or something else. The other plus is that such food is quite cheap. Let us consider food additives and canned food as fast food. In this case storage time and conditions are not the things you should worry about. As for me, that is all good points of view that have fast food.

Prepare to listen to the quite long lecture. According to researches of scientists, a lot of people in the USA suffer from overweighting, which fast food cause. Cardiovascular diseases are not the least from the list of diseases caused by fast food. There is no wonder that such country as the USA has problems like that. The national cuisine is quite poor here. You barely find out what national dishes Americans have. That is why fast food is considered here as national dish. Americans also take the best of other cuisines just to enrich their own. The fast food affects on our immune system as well.

You hardly ever get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from it. Finally, it’s not fashion to eat fast food today. All of my friends and relatives prefer to eat fresh vegetables or fruits. It would be even great to avoid large portions of meet, because this product is not good for your digestive system.
To summarize, according to all advantages and disadvantages, I can say that it is all up to you to decide whether eat such food or not.

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