Essay about fast food and healthy food

Essay about fast food and healthy food

Giving a body necessary nutrition is an essential part of human care routine. Food has accompanied us every day since we were born. It gives strength, energy, calmness even joy and pleasure to all human beings. Everyone knows that feeling of hunger and how unpleasant it is. Luckily, we have broad network of fast food restaurants nowadays.

They definitely help people to nourish themselves quick and easy. A man does not need to carefully choose products in a supermarket find an appropriate recipe and then finally spend ca. two hours in the kitchen. Hamburgers, French fries will be served to you in a most appealing and appetite encouraging way. So you can start eating immediately since the order is received.

Fast food is a great option for busy people who do not have enough time for cooking.
There are plenty of restaurants so a man can find one according to their tastes. Also many cuisines established themselves well in the market. Youngsters are fond of meeting with friends in this kind of cafes. There is usually cheaper to buy a cheeseburger and a coffee and start working, especially if a man is a freelancer.

However, fast food often is called junk food. There is a reason for this. Fast food can be very addictive for some people so they cannot resist and not to buy anything in here every day. Their mood is depended on what they have eaten. Those people start to lose taste of normal food. They think it is not salty or spicy enough. More importantly, junk food has great impact on human health.

Obesity, higher rate of blood pressure, heart and stomach diseases and more are the dangerous consequences of the tasty fast food. A man also increases the probability of their own early death while eating it.

Therefore everybody needs to be aware of their meal ration. It is perfectly fine to visit KFC or Macdonald sometimes but healthy food is the most important for human health. That is why we should keep track on what we eat and try to keep balance.

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  1. good article. I myself adhere to a healthy diet. everything is well-painted here. and beginners, and not newcomers will draw information on fast food, healthy food. and of course, general information about this

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  2. Now they talk a lot about the dangers of fast food and its effect on health. Nevertheless, like many people I can not resist the temptation and despite all the arguments I continue to buy cheeseburgers, french fries, hot dogs.

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  3. i would like to tell you a few words about what i think about fast food.In my opinion fast food is very dangerous food of our world and i
    think that we should to eat fast food rerely than usualy.

  4. Even though I like fast food, I don’t eat it often because it contains much fat and calories, causing obesity and many other serious health problems. I prefer healthy, well balanced diet.

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