Essay about fast food and homemade food

Essay about fast food and homemade food

Fast food and homemade foodWe live not to eat, but eat to live. The importance of healthy food is undeniable. It can prolong our lives and improve our state of mind and mood. In spite of all these facts, junk food still exists. There is no wonder, consider its price.

It is convenient to put a plate into a microwave oven and just wait a few minutes. Here your midday course is ready. Homemade food also has a lot of strong points which could make it more attractive.Let’s start with homemade food. In different countries this food is frequently expensive, especially when it was made of vegetables or fruits that were grown without any chemical manure. Moreover, such food is natural and good for your health. It will take you some time, if you cook it on your own.

This food is full of vitamins and minerals as well. You can control every portion in order to prevent overeating. If you are allergic to something, you can easily pick ingredients you need. And the last but not the least point is that homemade food is a good reason to gather together around a table. It also helps you to develop cooking skills. You also can make up your own schedule of mealtimes. As it was mentioned, fast food is easy to prepare and you don’t need to waste your time on cooking. It is good for those, who live alone and don’t want to bother themselves with cooking and other household choirs.

Canned food can stay eatable for a long time, which is again a good point, if you don’t like to go shopping outside. All you need is to make an order by telephone and wait a bit.To summarize all the points that we mentioned above, I can say without any doubt that homemade food is more way better than fast food. But we still don’t have to forget about fast food, which can be convenient in different situations like travel trip or when you just don’t have enough time for cooking.

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2 thoughts on “Essay about fast food and homemade food”

  1. We live in a world that is so fast-paced! We work hard and preparing food for the whole family is time-consuming. So, as for me, having a fast food on some special occasions is fine. Otherwise, we shouldn’t forget that we are what we eat! That is why we should try to eat homemade meals more often than fast food.

  2. I think, that phrase, that we live not to eat, but eat to live is appropriate. But, it’s not about food and it does not mean, that we must be lazy to cooking. I think, that healthy food can be tasty and it isn’t require much time and money.

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