Essay about fast food and obesity

Essay about fast food and obesity

Food and obesity
Nearly everyone has tried fast food at least one time in his life. This is convenient to eat fast food from time to time. You don’t have to prepare food on your own. That saves your money and time. But the real truth about fast food is not so optimistic and good.
All over the world and especially in the USA a lot of people suffer from obesity. This disease appears mainly in the cases, where people eat fast food.

Some of them have enough money to buy healthy and homegrown food. But they don’t do it, because that fat and greasy food tastes better in their opinion. There are a lot of calories in such food, that’s why people, who keep a sedentary lifestyle, always suffer from obesity or overweighting.

Famous brands like “MacDonald” and “KFC” don’t even share the recipes of theirs burgers and other thing. So you will never get to know what they use making meet, fry potatoes etc.

I should admit that not only burgers and potatoes have bad impact on our health. Drinks have the same impact on our health as well. “Coca-cola” is full of sugar. Imagine that a person eats junk food and drinks something very sweet. In addition, if this person leads sedentary lifestyle, it will ruin his vascular system.
Nowadays, government of countries, where the problem of obesity is obvious, tries to set taxes for fast food and different unhealthy food. This may not give good results.

Anyway, in order to avoid obesity, we should move and do some physical exercises. But the main factor, which always helps to keep ourselves young, healthy and strong, is right nutrition.
To conclude, I should admit that people all over the world have no choice. Fast food is cheap. You can easily get it on every corner of the street. You can afford such food from time to time, but don’t forget that after a hamburger there should be a physical exercises.

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