Essay about fast food chains

Essay about fast food chains

Nowadays it is very popular to go to different fast food cafe with your friends or parents. Many people do not have enough time to cook for themselves. Also, they have not enough money. Therefore, they do not choose this variant and eat unhealthy food of fast preparation.
Firstly, such restaurants aren’t expensive.

You can have a nourishing and tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner for little money.
Secondly, food is prepared very quickly. You do not have to stand in long queues and wait long until your order is prepared.
Thirdly, shares and discounts are hold very often in these restaurants. Thanks to them, you can eat for very little money or even free, as well as feed your friends or family.

Perhaps the most popular fast food chains are McDonalds, KFS and Burger King. These cafe are really comfortable and good rather for parents, children and teenagers. But most of all, I like McDonalds. Here you can buy or win Happy Meal and get some presents. For example, toys. I also really like that there are charity events in different forms. For example, you can buy a hand-made toy or just put money in a charity basket.

Unfortunately, fast food is not healthy. Many doctors say that it contains a lot of calories, many fat and just a few vitamins. They also believe that eating such food very often can leads to overweight and stomach problems. Also, fast food can lead to death.
But if you don’t have enough time and money, why not visit these places? If you don’t eat every day, it will be ok.
My family and I like going to McDonalds. I always buy fries, burgers and coke. Or we could take a big basket of nuggets or onion rings. It costs quite cheap. But sometimes I can get some dessert. Like a cupcake.
Finally, I want to say that fast food is an easy solution for every people on busy days. But we must not eat fast food too much.

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