Essay about fast food disadvantages

Essay about fast food disadvantages

The harm of fast food
This assignment will examine fast food disadvantages. We should acknowledge from the start that nowadays fast food has become an essential part of people’s everyday life. The question to be answered is why fast food is unhealthy. In my point of view, people cannot eat healthy food because they are very busy at school, university, work etc. Many people like fast food because it is delicious and they can have a snack on the go!

However, fast food has a lot of disadvantages. Everybody from the youngest to the oldest knows that fast food is dangerous. First of all, it contains a lot of harmful substances such as salt, sugar, additives to improve the taste and flavor. Moreover, fast food is high in calories.

Frankly speaking, fast food causes addiction. It is the second disadvantage. Sometimes people cannot stop eating junk food. If you had a choice, what would you prefer: a hamburger with french fries or a sandwich you made at home? Unfortunately, the majority of people will choose the first option. It evidence that fast food is a drug of the 21st century!

Furthermore, fast food is responsible for many health problems. According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the consumption of French fries – at least two servings per week – is associated with an increased the risk of premature death. It has more than doubled. You can become a victim of obesity, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, raise cholesterol levels and so on. A lot of people suffer from these diseases because of junk food.

Thirdly, it’s clear that the fast food cooking method is also harmful. It destroys important nutrients whereby we can stay healthy. For example, oil for french fries not only is a source of extremely harmful animal fat, which is poorly processed by our body, but also becomes a source of polyphenols (aromatic hydrocarbons), which are dangerous carcinogens. Polyphenols, in turn, can cause the appearance and development of deadly neoplastic diseases.

All things considered, we cannot stand idly by in the face of the problem. I think the government should reduce the number of cafes and restaurants that sell fast food or control the quality of this food. Also we can open canteens in schools, universities and the other places. We must do our best to stop “ the fast food fever”.

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3 thoughts on “Essay about fast food disadvantages”

  1. Our fast-paced lifestyle often forces us to eat fast food. It’s quick and delicious. However, this food is very harmful to health. Fast food dishes are prepared by frying in oil, while all vitamins are destroyed. All dishes are high-calorie, which leads to obesity. Sometimes dishes are prepared from low-quality products and to improve the taste, add a lot of salt, sugar and flavor additives. If you constantly eat fast food, you can buy a lot of diseases, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, caries, gastritis.

  2. Everyone knows that too much junk food can be bad for you. But have you ever stopped to think just how bad? The odd takeout meal won’t hurt you, but with high calorie and fat contents chowing down on these meals just might.

  3. If we want to be healthy and live a long time, we should not get carried away fast food. Our body will be grateful to us for a full home-cooked food. I never regret the time to prepare a good meal.

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