Essay about fast food is bad for health

Essay about fast food is bad for health

Essay about fast food is bad for health
Now fast food is very popular. Many people like it and often visit fast food cafes. There everyone can eat pizza, hamburgers, chips and drink sodas. These products are very tasty, so adults and children prefer them. In addition, they are cheap. They can be cooked quickly. Now there are many cafes in which you can come to lunch and quickly eat. But according to some opinions fast food is bad for health. Some people are sure that such food leads to different diseases, so it is necessary to eat healthy food.

Firstly, fast food contains a lot of oil. For example, there is a lot of fat in French fries. Fast food is made from fat meat, cheese, sauces. It damages the liver and stomach. As a result, various problems appear, including obesity. Many people are in a hurry to eat and gain weight because of fast food.

Secondly, this food contains many preservatives. Such substances are added to the products to keep the freshness for a long time. Sometimes food in a cafe is cooked elsewhere, and then transported by car. From this, the freshness of the products disappears. Therefore, people add preservatives to make the food look fresh. Many manufacturers do not specify in the composition of these substances.

Fast food is prepared quickly. People buy it when they hurry to work or go on a trip. It is convenient to take such food with you when you are traveling by car or train.

Many people like tasty food, but they do not think about its harm. Fast food has many advantages. This food is delicious and cheap. Everyone can buy and eat it in a cafe, at home or in transport. But fast food has much harm. For example, a lot of preservatives, dyes, oil are contained in it. These substances harm human health, lead to obesity. There are problems with the stomach, heart, liver, which appear because of fast food. Also, unhealthy food makes the skin ugly.

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  1. Fast food is popular all over the world, and many people prefer to eat fast food, but many people do not know about its harmfulness. In fast foods, there are many calories, so people often suffer from excessive weight, the same amount of cholesterol, which leads to chronic kidney disease.

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