Essay about fast food restaurants

Essay about fast food restaurants

In recent years, the pace of people’s lives is greatly accelerated. So many people try to adjust to it, but it is so difficult. They do a lot of things on the run: eat, communicate with relatives, do exercises. And to simplify life they came up with fast food restaurants where people can eat in ten minutes. There so much pros and cons. Let’s discuss about it.
On the one hand, it is certainly simplifying our life. If we are late somewhere or we have not so much free time, we can go to fast food restaurants.

They are not that expensive like ordinary restaurants and caf and everyone can afford to eat there. Also if you do not want to cook dinner, just go to fast food restaurants and eat some burgers and French fries. Another plus is that the restaurants are everywhere: you do not need to go looking for him.

But on the other hand, you should not forget that fast food is very harmful to health. Burgers, French fries and other fast food cook in a large amount of oil that can be harmful to the digestive system. So many people eat fast food often and quickly gain excess weight, which is then very difficult to get rid of. By the way the extra weight will yield a strong strain on the heart and vital organs. Also fast food is addictive and it is difficult for a person to refuse its use. And often in fast food restaurants a lot of people and because of that we have to wait a long time for our turn.

In conclusion I want to say that there are so much pros and cons. Beyond doubt we can do all we want without fear that we don’t have time to do important things because of eating. Because we can eat in 10-15 minutes, and run for our deals. But do not forget that fast food carries a risk to human health and addictive. After frequent use, we cannot eat normal home-cooked food. I want to say that the use of fast food helps not to slow down the pace of life, but it is not necessary to go too often in fast food restaurants.

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