Essay about fast food

Essay about fast food

Fast Food
More and more people have recently drawn attention to the issue of healthy eating and what distinguishes useful and harmful food. Sluggish lifestyles and sedentary work lead far to the best. But this is not the most important factor.
Harmful food forms in the body extra pounds and creates health problems. Industrial food, in which there is virtually nothing natural, is unlikely to saturate your body with useful minerals and trace elements.

Among the large number of food products that are harmful to health and significantly reduce the life span, experts have identified a list of the most dangerous products. Many of them are very familiar in everyday life and form the basis of a fast-food system. However, the creation of the list below worked for doctors and specialists, whose thoughts should be heeded.

The fast food system has gained a huge spread around the world, starting from the stalls for making whites and ending with such giants as “Burger King” and “McDonalds”. Harmful foods in them are mostly represented either by a roasted meat test or by stuffed cheeses with buns with the same cutlets, or sausages and richly flavored synthetic sauces.

Separately, it would be desirable to allocate fatty oil, which is used repeatedly and is the cause of the formation of carcinogens and the development of cancer. Prolonged use of such dinners leads to many different diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, from colitis to gastritis. Separately, a group of “bad food for children” can be singled out. These are snacks (nuts, crackers, etc.), juices, fast-food dishes and sweet bars. They are the result of the development of state-of-the-art chemical laboratories, but they do not benefit.
Unfortunately, these products occupy a significant part of the diet of many modern children, causing invaluable harm to their immunity and health in general.

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  1. Our children adore nuggets with potatoes. Once a month, at most, we arrange these holidays for them. But all the rarer. My husband and I sometimes indulged, very, very rarely, but after he told us in what conditions and how they cook, especially burgers, then a piece of it does not get into the throat.

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