Essay about fear

Essay about fear

Most people tend to underestimate the importance of fear as an emotion I our lives. If you think about it – that’s one of the most basic things we need for our survival. Fear keeps us away from doing stupid things and often preserves our health this way.
There are lots of forms of fear and not all of them are rational.

Irrational fear is often called a phobia. It makes a person experience fear in it’s hardest form without any actual reason for it. It can be fear of heights, depths, shooting or even elephants. Countless number of phobias were registered by this day and every now and then there is a new one. Basically, phobia is a disease and to cure that one should visit a doctor. Because taking medication without prescription might just not end well.

But lots of people love fear, as it gives you an enormous amount of adrenaline, which could be quite addictive. And nowadays there could be found different places to experience fear and get that needed amount of adrenaline without actually getting hurt. The most popular way is probably attraction parks, where beside adrenaline one can also have lots of fun. Also there are such things as racing tracks – there is truly no better thing for adrenaline and fear than speed! And driving in a sports car just might give you that unforgettable experience.

But before everything, fear is our most important survival instinct that keeps us away from potential danger and doesn’t allow us to accidentally hurt ourselves or get involved in a potentially dangerous situation. Sometimes it can also be accompanied with pain, to send our brain a message about possible danger even quicker. Even though most people associate fear with something bad and depressing, I personal believe, that it plays a great deal in our lives and we should be thankful, that we can experience it.

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  1. I have very similar thoughts such as fear of self or fear of living (at the same time I want to live, but anxiety from an empty place poisons life) … Itself could not cope … Some time is normal, and then again thoughts like start to multiply (and not only).

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