Essay about feat

Essay about feat

Essay about feat
Heroes existed during any epoch of the human being. We talk about real representatives of noble occupations. About those who risked their lives, happiness and sacrificed everything for the main goal. They made feats and their names entered the world history. Books and films are devoted to people who managed to challenge to more powerful systems and leaders. These exploits make people’s lives better, lighter and joyful. The heroes became idols, next generations tried to follow their steps and deeds, but rare entities could repeat them.

Feat is a loud action, which is done in spite of prejudice. In general it concerns saving a big number of people. The brave ideas to get freedom, stop the war or defend Motherland are feats. When you forget about yourself, when death and troubles don’t frighten your spirit, you can fulfill it. Feats bring fame and respect, they’re taken as a base for composing legends. To make a feat doesn’t need special preparation. It needs moral readiness to feel with the others. A person has to wish to change events that harm ordinary people.

There are professions where you choose the way of helping and supporting people. But if you give your inside resources and even the life you make a feat. Only those who have a high level of mind and clean soul can decide to fight with unfair regime and other difficulties. These aspects can’t leave the heroes indifferent. They feel the pain, the tension in the environment. It forces them to act and go ahead until they win or lose.

No compromises, no weakness, no complaints. Dreams of a wonderful future lead these people through failures, betrayal and fear. They deserve to stay in our memory. It would be great if more people become courageous. Then the world would be more sincere and cleaner. Feats serve as the best examples.

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