Essay about federalist papers

Essay about federalist papers

Federalist papers
Mass media, in particular federalist newspapers, are an important social institution, which have a significant impact on political processes in society. The constitutionally enshrined freedom of speech, the lack of censorship gives journalists the opportunity to comprehensively cover important events and phenomena.

However, freedom of speech in the media does not mean permissiveness and irresponsibility. Too free behavior with the word can have negative social consequences, deform the political, social, economic, cultural orientation of society and every citizen.
The specifics of the purpose and characteristics of the activities of mass media may result from manipulation of mass consciousness. It should also be noted the phenomena of probable deviance of journalistic morality: the fact of media design of reality by controlling the order of coverage of events.

Political reality is constantly reproduced by the actions of members of society. The development of the media especially electronic, the emergence of a network of global information systems are not only technologically and economically important. In the modern world, the media act as a separate political player, because they have the power to affirm, impose and defend their point of view and force other players to act on this basis. Political communication becomes a decisive factor in the development of all institutions of modern Ukrainian society.

Mass media in the modern political process are not only a leader of information, but also as an instance of “naming” and interpreting events. The media, thanks to its enormous opportunities for influence and reach of the audience, create not only thoughts about events. They make news from the event, and, putting the action in the symbolic space, interpreting it, recreate the event.

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