Essay about food

Essay about food

Essay about food
We don’t even think about what should we eat for today. Nowadays market offers us everything we can and can’t afford. It is up to you to decide how and what to eat. You can buy fresh caviar or rare fish, whatever. But we shouldn’t forget that we eat for living and live not for eating. 

The majority of people eat for satisfying their basic needs. But eating can bring you a lot of pleasure. That is why there are a lot of national cuisines in the world. The national cuisine can tell everything about its traditions and culture. You can even differentiate one country from another knowing about their eating habits.
For example, the dishes with rice are popular in Asia. Potato dishes are more common for European countries. The way of eating and recipes are components that form eating culture of every country. On its turn, eating culture shows the level of country development. Every nation has a special dish, which present the whole cuisine.

Nowadays world produce not only fresh and healthy food. The tendency for eating fat and junk food has reached its peak. The amount of people with obesity is getting high, especially in the USA, where the junk food is quite popular. Such people don’t have other way but to keep a diet, which is long, boring and backbreaking.

However, there is an opposite problem that bother humanity from the very beginning of its existence. It’s called famine. There are some countries in Africa that suffer from this trouble. It is unacceptable in the twenty-first century. There is shouldn’t be such an inconsistency in this world.

To summarize, there is only one issue that appears. We should distinguish the process of eating and eating as a culture. In other words, eating culture helps in developing of social, cultural and economic aspects of the country. That is why we should consider it as the main part of human life.

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