Essay about friendship

Essay about friendship

Essay about friendship
I can’t imagine the world I live in without my friends. It wouldn’t be so fun and interesting, anyway. They make me smile whenever I am sad and support me when I am in a difficult situation.

First of all, I should admit that my friends are just people. They also have difficulties and other problems in their lives. But I can’t understand when friends let you down. That ruins all my belief in a friendship itself. Friendship is a thing we can’t live without. I mean, you can just live, but without fun and the idea that there is someone who will give you his hand in a difficult situation. Nevertheless, there are some friends, who can betray us. In order to avoid such friends we should be careful and watch the actions of a potential friend. Anyway, time will tell who the real friend is and who is not.

Some people pretend to be our friends just to make use of us. The real friend will never let you down, especially when you are in dangerous. I know some people, who wanted to be my friends just to get some benefits. I don’t blame them, because everyone can stumble like this. You never know what to wait for in the future.

There are people who just don’t need friends. It may sound strange, but I know people who prefer to live alone, without any relations. This is difficult to understand, but they enjoy their lives.

Other people look for a friend in order to avoid solitude. They can’t bare a thought of being alone till the rest of their days. And if they don’t manage to find one, they may suffer of it. Friendship with such people is not really genuine, because they stay with you just to satisfy their wishes and take away the fear of being alone.

In my opinion, friendship should make us better. If it doesn’t, then you had better stop communicating with this person. But it is all up to you to decide whether you should be friends or not.

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