Essay about globalization

Essay about globalization

The notion of “global” defines an object or phenomenon that relates to the territory of the whole globe, covering the entire globe, so has the worldwide character. At the same time, the global nature of any problem must be understood in quantitative rather than qualitative terms. The system is global when there is no higher-level system.

However, the problem that arose on the regional, state – or local level, may be global. The globality of a particular problem is determined not so much by its role in the life of one or another part of the population that has really suffered from it.

The notion of “globalism” has an objective and subjective meaning. From objective positions – this is the only world space created by the market civilization of exchange. From the subjective side, globalism means the consistent elimination of all local interests and traditions, the formation of the world of economic and political monopoly as an international center of power.

The question of globalization does not have an unambiguous answer. The formed scientific schools determine the process of globalization from different methodological approaches.
Cultural approach considers globalization in a broad civilization context. Globalization is a two-way process of turning the general into a special and a special one into a common one. It implies free dissemination of ideas. Globalization is the final stage of global transformation.

The second approach is economic. He defines globalization as the rapid development of world markets, the internationalization of economic activity
There is a break in economic national boundaries, the formation of a global economy, the bringing of national and mechanisms in line with the norms of the countries.

Globalization is a complex geopolitical, geo-economic, geo-cultural phenomenon, which has a powerful effect, in spite of all aspects of the life of those in this process of communities.

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  1. Globalization means the world as-a-whole, a kind of meta system, a new correlation. The example of Yugoslavia is not relevant, in my opinion. Here, rather, it was about globalized new – liberalism and the restoration of minority rights by the US, which they achieved.

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