Essay about government

Essay about government

Essay about government
We can’t imagine our life without order. There are a lot of countries which honor the law and the order. Some of them are good enough for living and some of them are not. The main institute that sustains such order calls government or just state. We can find some countries whose government makes everything possible to pander their own people and make their life easier.

Historian can’t find the first date of the government occurrence and the searches show that they probably won’t do it at all. But an approximate date is about 5000 years ago. Some of the scholars claim that the main reason of its establishment was the rapid development of the agriculture. And that is logical because a thousand years ago people were hunters and gather everything eatable. The chief of the tribe was chosen with help of some rituals and challenges or it could be the eldest person which was supposed to be wise and strong.

In the 17th century there were already a lot of laws which regulated a government work and its rights. One of the famous governments was a Communist’s government. It consisted of a thousand members and was founder of a totalitarian regime at that time.

There are some main types of government that exist for today: autocracy is a form of government, when the power is concentrated in the hands of a one person. This type divides into despotism and monarchy. The second one is aristocracy. The term means that all power belongs to the privileged class. One of its types is theocracy, when the religion elite rules the country. The most famous one is democracy. The whole power belongs to the people. Democracy is considered as the best one. The people of the countries with democracy are free to vote and choose their representatives.

Unfortunately, all of these types are not perfect and they need time to be improved.

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