Essay about hapiness in life

Essay about hapiness in life

Essay about happiness in life
There are a lot of simple things in the world which bring us happiness and joy. It can be a smile of a close person or a friend. For many people, happiness is not about money or wealth. But it’s about something much deeper, which we can’t touch, feel or see.
Of course, our happiness primarily depends on quality of life and a lot of other aspects. However, some scientists claim that not only these aspects serve as the main reason of happiness.

We still can’t explain how exactly happiness arises and brings us strong emotions and feelings. No wonder that it is a mystery, because only 10 percent of our brain were studied. It is amazing how different people react just on a beautiful view from a window or on a masterpiece. No doubt that our perception plays a huge role in a process which makes us feel happy.
Anyway, we can’t measure happiness if it is not a material thing. It is all very individual.

As for me, money is not a reason of happiness or admiration. I prefer to see my relatives young, strong and healthy for a long time. If you are not healthy and feel a permanent pain or something, you will see how unhappy you are.
But what should do people with special needs? Some of them can’t speak, hear or see. But they keep living and doing things they like. And they are happy just to be alive. This is the greatest present which we could get. Therefore, we can see that not wealth can bring us happiness.

Once, I heard a speech of James Vujcic on TV. I was totally shocked by his attitude to life. I could barely hold my tears. I realize how happy I was at that very moment. I was young, strong and healthy. Despite of peculiarities of his body, that man enjoyed his life all the way.

Now I realize how important to live your life right now and at this very moment. You won’t be able to turn time back, that is why seize the day.

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