Essay about happiness

Essay about happiness

What is happiness?
Nowadays people are thinking about what happiness is. Happiness in every person is different. Some people think that happiness is money, because money help buy anything you want. Others believe that happiness is home, love, family, children, parents. Others believe that happiness is a career, a success, a glory. Everyone has their own happiness. Happiness is a complex concept that requires a lot of arguments and reflections.

On the one hand, money is also happiness, because you can please yourself with different things, clothes and other stuffs. I think that’s right.thus, the happiness can be measured in currency.
But on the other hand, happiness is love, when there is a loved one who loves you, when there is a house, warmth, family. But here, too, money is needed, at least enough to live in pleasure. in my opinion, this is also very important. Thus, happiness is a loving soul and love, a person can not live without it.

However, we need for happiness money, love and family. After all, to have a family, house, car, need the money. And that the family wasn’t living in poverty you need money. Thus, happiness does not depend on one factor, but on several things. For example: children, home, work, money. It all affects a person, his state of mind, his emotions, helps to experience joy.
But happiness can be called a dream come true, a goal in life, to which man aspired since childhood. Friends who are around you and help you, vivid memories that make the soul to be happy. Happiness is a work that benefits other people, charity, good mood, help to animals and people who also leave in the soul a bright and joyful moments.

In conclusion, I want to say that happiness every person chooses himself, everyone decides how to live and what to strive for. Happiness is your soul, is you.

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