Essay about help someone in need

Essay about help someone in need

Help someone in need
I am sure, at least once in my life, many of you were asking this question, and it is not straightforward. On the one hand, deeply inside ourselves, we feel the need to help someone when we have this opportunity, and on the other hand, our life experience often shows us that helping other people is not just unprofitable, but even in some cases, it is dangerous .

And although we are not always aware of how beneficial or unprofitable it is for us to help someone in a particular situation, we nonetheless are afraid to do so, as we know that many people tend to abuse someone else’s help and trust.
There are those among us who do not understand at all – why to help someone, when you can and should take care only of yourself, including at the expense of other people. Helping people seems a very stupid thing, especially since it is still ungrateful in most cases. That’s why some of us never help anybody. But the fact is that the tendency to help other people is laid down in us by nature. And it is laid down with us in order to make our species more durable.

Without help to each other, we would all be extinct for a long time. In this article, dear readers, I will tell you about why you need to help other people in which situations they should do and, most importantly, how to help people to really help, and not to harm them and themselves.

Helping people is not a senseless lesson, for which it is not necessary to waste time and power – it is useful to us for all the aspirations to make our lives better. After helping others, we often help ourselves. It is only necessary to understand what should be the help to other people or individually in one or another situation. People are different situations are different, so help can not be the same always and for everyone. Help should be literate, relevant, timely and in demand, only then it will benefit everyone.

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