Essay about help someone

Essay about help someone

It is hard to underestimate the importance for us people of helping the others. To me that’s actually one of the most important things that I believe makes us humans. Empathy and the ability to help someone are two crucial things that allow us to form a civilized society.

There are two types of people who help others, those, who are taught to be nice and polite and those who love people and get pure satisfaction from helping them. The last type is not commonly seen but I am absolutely fascinated by these people. It seems so hard to me to always be so unselfish and empathic. It takes a lot of inner strengths to be someone like that. But at the same time it’s very noble.

We could often see these people being doctors, working at all kinds of medical facilities, they mainly take jobs where it is necessary to deal with people. Those kinds of jobs require a lot of patience but they also give you a huge amount of satisfaction.
Being kind and helping others is one of those things that make our world better. It is one of the main aspects of Christianity, the religion that is mostly based on forgiveness and mutual help.

I’d say that trying to help others, being patient to them and pay attention to their troubles is a hard and sometimes even ungrateful work. Most people tend to easily forget about all the great things you do for them. It’s no secret that bad things are remembered far longer than the good ones. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up in that. Because even if out of ten people you helped you get the one person who is thankful to you and whom you probably saved by your help – it is already worth it.

Helping others is hard, but if we want to create a better world for ourselves and our kids to live in, we should at least try to learn to do that. And with time and patience our society will sooner or later know better days.

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