Essay about help the poor

Essay about help the poor

Essay about help poor
In the world poor people live opposite life than rich do. They don’t see the luxury, don’t use privileges or can not afford themselves to stop working. In most cases they aren’t able to get education, and as a result a good job. Poverty causes diseases, hunger, depression, despair. These people exist without a hope.

They know that the future will be the same: race for money, needs, problems. Such way of thinking attracts more unfortunate circumstances. So being poor means to watch how the others enjoy the time, spending cash on expensive things. It is a situation when you watch rich people who can buy anything. It’s awful when your own chilren dream of food, toys, clothes and you say them no, because there’s no extra money in your pocket.

Helping poor is a duty of wealthy people. Sharing spare things and even granting some money is welcome in any religion. A good idea was to create special funds and charitable organizations. They arrange actions where all volunteers can make a contribution or a donation. Then collected means are distributed between indigents. According to programs poor people get food, clothes, an opportunity to study, premises to live. But except this kind of help we can assist in a different way.

Every day we meet people who need our help. If you give a little money or just do them a favor we won’t lose anything. Feeling pitty for those who are really in a miserable condition sounds nice. But not only giving them something is useful. It would be better to teach them to get an occupation. This profession will feed them for the whole life. Also a system of quots is very effective. Children from needy families can study for the future. If rich people share a part of profits with poor, it will be fair. Then the society won’t suffer from envy and hatred of the paupers to rich men.

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