Essay about help

Essay about help

Essay about help
We live in the world where different situations occur. Sometimes even strong and powerful people need help. You never know when you will get onto trouble. That’s right that nobody is insured from accidents, diseases, misfortune. In difficult period of life usually our family, parents, children give us a hand. In general the institute of help functionates very simple – someone does a favour for the other one.

Helping people you obtain friends or just save them. Never mind if it’s a material help or a moral support. When we are kind and understanding the life becomes easier. There should be somebody we could rely on and trust. It’s very important to share peoples’ problems, because you can have them, too.

Social problems in families where violence exists are solved by helping women. The organizations try to find job for the females who suffer from their husbands bullying, beating, bad treatment. Also these women get a psychological consultations and advices. Mutual help joins people, opening their hearts. It’s more fruitful to overcome obstacles together than doing it alone.

We think that our friends will help us during an unfortunate minute, but sometimes they ignore us. We can be supported by occasional people. It depends on circumstances and individual qualities of people. Anyway, we should remember the person who was mercy and didn’t refuse to give us an aid. It is called gratitude.

You can help in different ways: lend money, be near in a serious trouble, save someone’s life, make a prompt during exam. Despite of all kinds of help we have to memorize one golden rule – the most valuable help is that which is done in time. When you do this you get pleased yourself. That is why don’t turn away from people asking for anything. Maybe next time you will change your places and need help yourself.

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