Essay about helping others

Essay about helping others

Well, I’ll start by saying that sometime everybody needs a help. It can be conflict or communicative problem, when we need a moral help. Also it can be other kind of problem. For example, when we have no money and need any sum, we can borrow it from our friends or relatives. If we are happy or sad, we can share our emotions with the closest people.

To my mind, it’s very important in everybody’s life to have a mutual help. Just a really kind person can be disinterested in a helping someone. I must admit, I often see young people who help graybeards. It’s sems very touchingly and cute. They carry heavy bags with food from supermarkets and help old people to cross the road. The old people really happy that they are not alone in this world, because their children and grandchildren very often live in other cities or countries and can not to help their relatives. It’s very pity and sad, in my opinion.

As for me, I always try to help other people as much a possible. If I had the ability to save somebody’s lives from fire, I would do this with big pleasure. It could be the really heroic deed. Once I had the situation when my uncle broke his leg and I had help him for two months. I had bought food and other things for him. He remembers that time and he is happy that he is my uncle, he proud of me. When I lost my mobile phone, my friends help me to find it. I am grateful to them for this. I am pleased to have such friends as they.

Finally, I should say, we create our mood by our actions and behaviour. I try to start my days from good deeds. It helps me to communicate with people kindly, to be patient and clever, to develope my human qualities. I hate to quarrel with somebody, especially with parents or friends, because they are so close for me. I don’t want to say that helping people is the aim of my life, but it is a very significant part of life.

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