Essay about history

Essay about history

History is probably the most ancient science on Earth. People always tried to fixate the matters of the past for them not to be forgotten. Centuries ago historical papers were mainly created to make sure that the fame of the warriors of those time will be able to live to tell their stories to future generations.
There is no secret that historical books contain lots of lies, beneficial to rulers of those times. Some things we can check up, some we don’t, so we have to trust by word to those ancient historians. 

Nowadays history as science serves a few purposes. The first one is educational. Learning about life in the past, its ups and downs, we can now make sure that we don’t do the same mistakes all over again. It is especially relevant to modern politics, as many mistakes made in the past can be easily avoided in the present or future time. As they say – history goes in circles.

Another purpose of historical science is predicting the future. This purpose has a lot in common with the previous one. It states, that knowing the past, we can with the certain level of probability, predict what could happen in the future. Sometimes it can even predict really bad things like wars. On the other hand – it could help by creating a solution of how to solve a problem, if anything like that already happened in the past.

Learning history is very interesting! Sadly in schools and other educational institutions history of our world is being taught briefly, it is always an option to look something up yourself. Nowadays there are plenty of books that reflect different opinions on many historical matters.

But it is also very important to be able to be critical to any source you find in historical field. It’s essential to know that many historians’ opinions could be biased due to the times they lived in. So a bit of criticism is never a bad thing.

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