Essay about kung fu panda

Essay about kung fu panda

Kung Fu Panda is a cartoon character that is known to all children on this planet. This cartoon is perfect for all children as well as adults. It has elements of adventure, action and comedy. That’s why everyone likes it so much.
There are several parts of this cartoon, or rather three.

In the first Panda manages to comprehend the Golden scroll, which helped to fight the enemy tai Lung. Also in this part, there is an acquaintance with his new friends – the legendary warriors of the dragon. It was difficult way for panda. But he managed to overcome all obstacles and problems. He also acquired a lot of cool abilities and skills. He even managed to do the splits. It was really hard for him! However, despite all the hardships, he reached his dream and became a dragon warrior.

In the second part of the cartoon for a long time did not bother that his father – a goose named Ping. Nevertheless, nothing can go on forever. During the battle with the detachment of wolves after he sees the Red eye on the uniform of the main Wolf, Panda overcome memories of his mother and his native village. The main character comes to the Pin, but he cannot answer the question of where did the Software. After some time, Lord Shen, who somehow knows all about the origin of the Panda, attacks China.

In the third part, Po meets his relatives-pandas. Dating is in a lush valley of giant pandas. Here Po finds many friends. However, despite this, the trouble does not stop. New enemies attack their valley… In addition, it is a tough fight.

So, it is really fun and breathtaking cartoon which is suitable for adults and children. I recommend everyone to watch this.

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6 thoughts on “Essay about kung fu panda”

  1. Good cartoon and nice essay. Kung fu panda is one favorite character of my childhood. He is fanny and brave what breaks heroic stereotype vision. This cartoon says that heroes are among us and everyone can become a hero.

  2. “Kung fu Panda” (orig. Kung Fu Panda) is one of the best cartoons from the American animation Studio DreamWorks Animation. I watched the cartoon with great interest.
    Cartoon colorful, kind, funny with great animation and interesting plot. “Kung fu Panda” is full of chases, explosions and many other special effects. A well-chosen music when watching the cartoon plunges into the mysterious and mysterious world of China. Cartoon scenes worked out very high quality (for this artists and animators a big plus), and the cartoon characters are amazingly charismatic personalities who delight us with funny jokes and grimaces. And at the same time each of them has a peculiar sense of humor.
    Overall a very good and funny cartoon, I recommend it.

  3. Directors Jennifer Yu and Alessandro Carloni made the picture energetic and magical. Especially impressive is the scene of the decisive battle between POE’s troops and the villain Kai in the village of pandas. The action is so exciting that you don’t even pay attention to the 3D effects. Actor Jack black is stunningly voiced the main character and makes the character more expressive. So much so that many of the cartoon characters about kung fu can envy!

  4. I love Kung Fu Panda so much!!!! It’s so funny and interesting, I watched it with my boyfriend which car from his job. He’s 30 years old and its him who asked me to buy this cartoon because he loved the little panda who ate a bamboo stick from Po’s hand haha. Humor in this cartoon is unbelievable…

  5. The cartoon is super! It has humor, colors and meaningful meaning. I liked the final fight between Pau and Taylung the most. I bought it on the disc I recommend to watch it!

    1. Mult super! It has humor, colors and meaningful meaning. I liked the final fight between Pau and Taylung the most. Bought on the disk I recommend to see. Children also should ponravitsya.AI in general at drivvoks all cartoons are excellent!

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