Essay about law

Essay about law

Essay on law
Any state is a system that protects certain rights: citizens, banks, landowners, teachers, etc.
For example, in Ancient Greece and Rimma rights possessed only the elite, and the slaves had no rights. Women, too, were almost disenfranchised people, engaged in household Affairs.
If you turn to the history of the middle Ages, then there were also estates that have rights and those who did not have them. Knights as feudal lords possessed land and attached to it people.

The modern reality is that everyone has rights. They are prescribed in the Constitution. People have a right to privacy, to freedom of religion, right to life, right to private property and etc. All allowed by the document.
All these rights are not universal – in every state, there are some rights, and others are absent. This may be dictated by the political regime prevailing in the country, and the mentality of the population, and other reasons.

The right is a kind of” freedom”, an opportunity, a privilege of a person. It can be acquired or given to a person after birth-it all depends on the function of a right.

The most basic and valuable right recognized in almost all States is the right to life. Human life is the most valuable thing in our world. No one has the right to deprive another person of his precious life. If we consider this right in comparison with Ancient Greece or Rome, where the life of a slave was equal to the “service life” of the thing, the modern legal structure has become much more humane than it was before.

The right to personal property is not always accepted in all countries. Often this is due to the form of government. A striking example of the lack of private property (globally) is the USSR.

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