Essay about life and art

Essay about life and art

Art has always played a major role in my life, I must confess. And I’m pretty sure in everybody else’s as well. It is not only a thing through which we learn about outside world, but also a great way to express our own thoughts and emotions.
Art has always been in our culture, from the very first years of existing of human beings.

As I already said, it was not just the way of making the reality look prettier, but also to express inner thoughts and vision of life of an artist. Today we can witness art in so many different forms – music, drawing, dancing, sculpting and so many others. Due to the rise of technology, artists nowadays can bring to life their wildest ideas. Nevertheless, the idea behind every creation remains the same – to leave something memorable in this world. Something, to remember the artist by.

There is no doubt that cultural development plays just as big role in our lives as physical. That is why we should never underestimate the influence of art on the formation of our personality.

Modern world lately tends to appreciate appearance more than cultural development and modern art represents it perfectly. If you have been to any art gallery lately you would have noticed, that most of the compositions are so-called “performances” that not necessarily need an artist to possess a certain level of skill. In my opinion today, we can witness some sort of a cultural degradation and the rise of materialistic attitude towards life in general.

But art still plays a huge role in our lives, motivating us, inspiring to do great things and for that alone we should be thankful. Doesn’t matter how many people cherish cultural development in person over his appearance – artistic side of our lives will always exist, we just need to be able to appreciate and follow it as it leads us to better version of ourselves.

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