Essay about life and death

Essay about life and death

The philosophical topic of life and death seems to be everlasting. From early ages people have thought about their lives’ meaning and questioned themselves about what would wait for them on the “other side”.
Centuries ago people worshiped gods of death, hoping for their kindness when the time comes.

It was a common belief that after dying a person resurrects or comes to a better world. And often a dead person was buried with all his possession, so that his after life would be easier. Some kings even killed their family and servants to not get separated with them by death.

As times gone buy people started paying more attention to how they live, rather than what would it be like after dying. Living a full life became the main priority in modern society. This is pretty much what we can witness right now – people travel, make memories, and discover new and exciting things for them, not worrying about the eventual end of all of it.

I believe that this shift of priorities happened because of the wide range of new opportunities we are getting now. Due to globalization we no more have boundaries – we can go anywhere we want, do anything we want. In a few hours you can travel half across the world and the only thing stopping you from doing that is your will. And as our lives became fuller and brighter, the thoughts of death and afterlife started fading away. A massive role in this also plays the rise of science, proving that most likely there is no “other world” and we should be focusing on living our lives here and now.

But anyway, so far no one knows for sure about any of what is said above so questions like “why are we living”, “what is our purpose in this life” and “what awaits for us after death” still remain of current interest and many philosophers and even scientists are trying to find the answers for them.

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  1. The meaning of life in the search for the meaning of life 🙂 And death … always stands next to you, sometimes patting us on the shoulder. Friends and relatives will be betrayed, things will crumble to dust, money will be depreciated … only death is always with you, all your life. And what about her? It is enough to know that she is always there.

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