Essay about life changing experience

Essay about life changing experience

Life Changing Experience

In adult life stability is a goal of great value. Everybody struggles to get a good job and start a family to live a perfect life that is free from unexpected stress. But sometimes life takes a turn, and an unpredictable change casts a shadow on everything one has achieved. The influence may be positive or negative, but nevertheless all things become different and afterwards a person will never be the same.

The first thing to be mentioned as experience changing life is giving birth to a child. This little and helpless being is the embodiment of parents’ traits. It is the one to prolong the existence of the family. Beloved hearts create a union not only to make love but also to confirm a sincere desire to act as creators and teachers, to give this world something better than themselves. To have a child is a God’s blessing. So, do not ever miss a chance to bring up a daughter or a son carefully and responsibly.

The second meaningful thing that happens to change life forever is death of someone you cherish. It divides lifetime into “before” and “after”. The most shocking element of this experience is to realize that death is not the end of everything you have imagined and planned as your future life. You still refer to someone you have lost, try to talk to him/her, address your thoughts. But you have a dim guess in your mind that your loss is irreplaceable. You are not ready to take it for granted. The only way out is to accept the fact of death philosophically. Though, I have to admit, this method fails to work…

The third thing that is meant to bring changes in life is dismissal. To be fired is stressful, it makes your self-esteem lower, but it is not so bad if to think about a good side. Every dark cloud has its silver lining, every dog has his day. After having heard “You are fired!” people should take it as an opportunity to get perfect in the profession or even to change significantly the sphere of activity. Nothing happens at random. Perhaps, destiny provides a test to find out a better part of a person and to observe, whether he/she is able to cope with the challenge.

Every step you take in life is for real and it has real results. In changeable circumstances your life cannot remain the same, and you are sure to make a choice. You may either position yourself as a victim and put up with the situation or maneuver in order to influence the environment you are living in. Every experience may be concerned as life changing but still you have a good opportunity to fight against the things you are able to improve or to get rid of.

They say, every change is for better. You should not search for development or bright impression in “still water”. So, get used to what you cannot change and do what you are to do. Life is life as it is, and the goal is to live it – every moment that is given by God.

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