Essay about life experiences

Essay about life experiences

Essay life experiences
When people are born they’re naive and innocent. The absence of life experience makes a person similar to a blank sheet. Only after some time they learn how to do different things. This knowledge is called experience. For the first time everything is difficult: speaking in public, cooking, driving, swimming.

The first love gives us a good lesson. It’s seldom successful, though. Without experience it’s difficult to orientate in life. Sometimes we meet bad people, from time to time – problems. After sufferings, we learn how to make a right choice. Although nobody is insured to evoid mistakes. We’re all not angels, everybody has sins. But it is good when there are people who help us in such troubles. We can consider we’re lucky.

The experience is got by efforts and in many cases it’s painful. Friends can betray, love can disappoint, hope can be vain. In spite of the problems which accompany all people without exceptions, they make us stronger and teach to overcome barriers. Experience is precious, because it can’t be bought or gifted. It is also known that we continue getting new impressions during the life, so we study on the strange or our own mistakes.

Then we are able to share experiences with relatives, kids, people who ask for an advice. Sometimes it helps the others to correct their faults or to forgive somebody. We can lose money, spouses, work, but this baggage always leaves with us. The memory of all adventures, misfortunes, confusions stay in our mind. We may use this knowledge any moment we need it. Both disgusting and nice experiences form the character, they develop fears and confidence. That’s why we have to use this valueable information for our sake. Even negative experience has got useful seeds. If we stop complaining about unhappy feelings we had in the past, we’ll find a rational core in each situation.

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