Essay about life goals

Essay about life goals

Essay about your life goals

There are different kinds of goals, which people try to realize in their lives. Some of them want to become rich, the others to be famous, the third – to get married and have children. These aims depend on wishes and personal qualities. If a person is hard-working, he probably dreams to study well, get a degree, become a professional in his occupation, earn a lot. Somebody likes communication, that’s why he can stream to make friends and choose a job, where he is able to keep in touch with people.

There are individuals, who prefer the best makes of cars, big houses with swimming pools, expensive clothes and luxury, delicious food. They set up a goal to reach the wealth. If their parents aren’t rich enough to buy these things, they work a lot to get much money.
When the goal is to start a family, the idea absorbs the whole mind, and the person begins to look for an appropriate partner. Here it’s important to find a man or a woman, who also is ready to devote the life to the family cares.

Chances of people aren’t equal. Some of them are born in favorable surroundings. In general off-springs of rich parents don’t think of the future as children from poor families. The last ones are sick and tired to feel the lack of meal, from wearing second-hand clothes. The kids, who suffered because of undergoing hardships, dream of a full life. This factor is the most determinative one.

When you want to reach anything in your life you should do several steps. The first is – to formulate what you really need. The second – to think of the ways to implement your plans. Next is easier. Just move in the direction you have chosen. Maybe results will appear later than you expect. However, don’t give up, because the human’s will can arrange everything right. The success won’t resist and you will catch the luck by its tail.

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  1. 1. Give a good education to her daughter. 2. Buy a new apartment. 3. Buy a house in Greece. 4. Travel around the world. 5. Helping children. 6. Open a shelter for homeless animals. I am 36 years old.

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