Essay about life without electricity

Essay about life without electricity

Life without electricity
Nowadays generation can’t imagine his life without gadgets and other things, which make our life easier. What would they do, if they lose control over their gadgets and other things that connected with electricity as well for the rest of their life? There is no doubt that some of them would be dead. This is not a horror-movie. Unfortunately, this is a real life.

The first step that should be done is to establish special courses in schools. During these courses every child would learn how to survive without electricity for a long period of time. Otherwise, it will be a great disaster if we lose electricity simultaneously.

It possible to survive without electricity, but everyone should be prepared. For example, it is vital to make fire or to boil some water and if you can do it on your own, you will have all chances to survive. The main idea is that our society depends on electricity so hard. Is it possible to live in the same way without it? The answer is yes. All we need is to have a look at our predecessors. They simply lived and raise their children without electricity. This means that we can live in the same way too. First of all, we have to wean ourselves from dependence on electricity. It would be great to have a day without it. During summer days it is even easier to stay for a long period of time without power. The sun shines nearly all day long and it is warm outside and you can cook using a grill.

Some of you may say that it is an age of technology and there is no way we can lose electricity. Never say never. There are a lot of people who live in war zones. Could you imagine how unbearable their life is? They are able to live without electricity at every period of the year. Yes, it is a kind of primitive way of living, but that’s the only way to stay alive. We should be prepared for everything in this world.

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  1. Now we live in an era in which you can not live without electricity. In order to rework oil requires electricity, if there was no electricity, I would not write this material at the computer. 😉

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