Essay about life

Essay about life

Essay about life
Human life is a wonder, because a person has got incredible possibilities, that were ever created. He can see, speak, share experience, invent various things, which aren’t at animal’s disposal, for example. The man-made buildings, the music, composed by famous authors, machinary development show the infinity of people’s flight of fancy.

Certainly, we all are mortal. We should remember that our visit to this world is an opportunity to expose soul characteristics and skills we obtain. The sense of life seems to be in improvement and self-education. Not only regarding to the studies. We have to learn how to treat people, helping them and being more kind. When you’re too selfish, you can’t love. But love is necessary to keep our hearts in harmony.

Life is very short to waste it for quarrels, offends and hate. This moment is given to realise the potential, which was presented to us from birth. If society brings up children in such a spirit, future generations will be healthier and happier. We are permited to move in different directions, choosing partners, job, hobbies. It’s great, though sometimes events and obstacles make us act in the opposite manner we planned to.
Anyway, life provides humanity with invaluable gift – to feel emotions, pain and joy, fear and gratitude. Be alive means not to be indifferent to fates of people, contributing to common aims, maintaning nature balance and, of course, supporting each other.

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2 thoughts on “Essay about life”

  1. Every person has the meaning of his life. But not everyone thinks about it. In the vanity of days we run, we do not notice anything around, we solve the arising problems. But sooner or later we ask ourselves the question: so what are we living for?

  2. Very correct article. Life is short, it passes like a moment, and we spend it incomprehensibly on what. It is very important to merge and live the time allotted to you brightly and in such a way as to remember every minute of your life

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