Essay about lifestyle

Essay about lifestyle

Today, in society, more and more people are struggling for a healthy lifestyle. They do not smoke, do physical training, do not eat harmful products. Their main goal is to preserve their health, to be active and to live longer.
I also support a healthy lifestyle. Whatever man does, it affects her body. If long harm it at low doses, sooner or later all this damage will be combined. Then the person is sick. And since we want to be healthy, we abandon bad habits. That is, do not drink alcohol, do not drink drugs, do not drink alcohol.

It is still worthwhile to walk in the fresh air, to regularly air the apartment, do morning exercises, engage in certain sports. So we support our body in a good form of sport.
One more factor of a healthy way of life is a proper nutrition. It is necessary to adhere to the regime of food intake, eat only natural products. For example, I try to eat as fast as possible fast-food, sweet, smoked, re-roasted. And also all kinds of products with dyes and preservatives: chips, drinks, etc.

Peace, silence, calmness, sleep are very useful for our healthy lifestyle. You should be less nervous, learn to watch others, get less angry and relax more, nerve cells do not recover. When you sleep your brain and the body relaxes and does not work, you are released from all negative emotions.

Though sometimes it incredibly pulls them to eat, but I understand that tasty food is often not useful, but simply harmful. These dishes should be replaced with delicious fresh fruits or vegetables.
People struggling for a healthy lifestyle also learn less irritation, less spoil their nerves. No wonder they say: nerve cells are not restored.

Laughter! Joy! Positive! This is the most important thing in our lives. I advise you to laugh more, because the smile extends human life. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle you need to adhere to the routine of the day, eat only healthy food, do exercise and exercise, go to bed early and get up early.

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  1. It seems to me that any physical activity is useful. Yoga removes the blocks, thereby helping you solve some problems that you are jamming. Still, it is necessary to get enough sleep. At least because at this time you do not eat.

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