Essay about literature

Essay about literature

Essay about literature
I can’t imagine my life without books. Reading is a vital necessity for me. No doubt that literature is one of the main arts in the whole world since people invented writing. It is easy to get nearly every book you want. All you need is Internet connection.
The myths that were somehow written on rocks or walls of caves and other surfaces can be considered as the first literature. Anyway, it is well-developed nowadays. That is why you can choose a genre you like the most, an author or a book.
There are three major forms of literature: poetry, prose and drama.

Prose is kind of non-poetic literature, which can have the same structure as our ordinary stories in conversations and so on. It is commonly widespread and popular as well. The main genres of prose are: novels and short stories. A novel is a kind of long work of literature. Some of them may change your life incredibly. Nevertheless, the masters of short stories know how to impress its readers too.

The second one is drama. The developing of theater was a major trigger for appearing drama. Drama is intended performance on stage. This one helps not only to be acted in the minds of readers, but it also helps to see all the emotions, gestures and acts in real life. It totally reveals the main idea that author wants to convey to the public. But it all depends on actors and director too.
The third one is poetry. Everyone must agree that poems can do with words a powerful massage. A lot of poets express their thoughts, emotions and feelings by means of rhythmic verses or poems.

Every nation has its own literature. This is the only way you can find out a lot about this nation being far away from it. We can even find here some good tips of life experience. All in all, literature can carry us away from our problems and show the other worlds, nations, lives, fears or victories.

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  1. I totally agree with the author – reading is vital! As a person studying literature for many years, I can say that its forms, genres and methods are incredibly various. Also nonfiction prose could be mentioned here, but anyway the main forms described precisely.

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