Essay about London

Essay about London

Queen Victoria, who came to the throne in 1837 and ruled until 1901, became for Britain a symbol of an era. Just list everything that was build in London and done for Londoners during this time to understand the significance of these 64 years for the capital. Let’s start with the railway transport. In 1837 the Euston station was opened, in 1838 – Paddington station, in 1848 – Waterloo station, in 1852 – King’s Cross station. And in 1863 the first line of the London Underground began to work. (First subway in the world)

New buildings and monuments appeared, urban spaces were arranged. In 1845, the reconstruction of the architectural ensemble of Trafalgar Square was completed. Architect Charles Barry developed a project in which the square was divided into three parts, and the center was the Nelson’s Column established in 1843. Since then, the area has been rebuilt slightly. A modern tourist in London will see it exactly as Berry intended.

From 1840 to 1870 there was a reconstruction of the destroyed by fire Westminster Palace. The restoration of the building was carried out by Charles Barry and August Pugin. In their design, the palace was built in the style of neo-Gothic, although Barry in his previous creations adhered to classics. Architectural newspapers attacked the Barry-Pugine project with criticism, calling it “a square heap, looking at the Thames”. But whatever they say, Barry and Pugin gave London a new symbol, the most famous element being the Elizabeth Tower, which we all know as Big Ben.

Another famous building of the Victorian era – Tower Bridge, erected in 1886-1894. The project of a combined (movable and suspended) bridge was designed by the architect Horace Jones. And the critics attacked this building, they wrote about the bridge as a “sample of bad taste and pretentiousness.” But modern Londoners always make a bridge to various lists of Britain’s most outstanding, most beautiful and best buildings.

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