Essay about love

Essay about love

Essay about love
People fall in love and suffer from it, they look for an ideal partner and relationship which wil last forever. They write songs and books, explaining emotions and inside necessity to love and be loved. It’s the feeling that can awaken your best sides and qualities.

Being in love makes us inspired. New horizons and abilities open in this state. Even hidden talents appear, our souls blossom, eyes and smile show happiness. The joy we get while loving somebody makes us more noble, kind and understanding. It is a wonderful thing, because whenever it comes into your heart, it occupies thoughts and rules your mood. Usually we can’t resist it. Love doesn’t ask when to come, it’s just a surprise. But nevertheless it is a great discovery. It does not care whether you are old, married or sick. Love is a gift.

Although the feeling itself has amazing features, it often is unhappy. It means one person loves another without a mutual answer. Of course, the first one is tortured by undivided wishes. However, we can’t make someone love us. It’s impossible. Nobody knows the nature and the working mechanism of love. It is a staff we don’t control. It can suddenly disappear. Anyway, love demonstrates the light from inside.

Many people refuse to fall in love, telling that it’s very painful. Actually, they’re right. We start depending on the object of our passion. Our heart beat becomes frequent, while seeing and hearing of him or her. We don’t notice the rest. We want to be close to that person. Love changes the life, sometimes to better direction. We become creative, trying to express the flight of the spirit.

So we can confirm that love makes people do the things they didn’t believe in before. It’s an engine of a personal progress. And as well it’s a substance which hurts us more than any other item. We shouldn’t be afraid of love, because it is the main lesson of our life experience.

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  1. Love is the beating of the heart in unison, despite the age and length of relationship; mental connection for kilometers, the desire to dissolve in man. In general, for me it’s something euphoric.

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