Essay about marketing and advertising

Essay about marketing and advertising

It is well known that every product needs to have a decent quality to be interesting for customers. People tend to buy advised things or things they have good experience with. If a man wants to sell their product successfully, he/she must learn about advertising in marketing.

Actually, advertisement is always around us. Not only billboards with appealing images and offers on it are considered as advertising. When you, having a nice conversation with a friend, spontaneously notice an interesting thing he/she possesses, you will probably ask them of where he/she bought it. It might be anything from a new brand phone to a warm stripped scarf. Humans tend to buy things they are familiar with.

The story of partnership between marketing and advertising is a long and fascinating one. It lives more than some people can imagine. Because of development of mass media advertising has grown huge and has plenty of opportunities to attract customers. Initially from newspapers and television it is a part of our daily life thanks to the Internet.

Although, some of ads are annoying they consistently build themselves into our lives. Moreover, it becomes even stronger because of non-stop development of artificial neuro network. Now advertising are able to provide the best service. Customers see only ads of products they can potentially be interested in according to their search results or sites they have visited.

Good advertisement should offer the best and most useful information of a product. In the industry there are many talented designers, writers and marketing specialists. A potential customer should necessarily know all characteristics of the product and a mild conviction from ads telling how useful the thing might be and how much it is able to improve a customer’s life.

It is no doubt that advertising is an amazing tool for marketing because without it selling will go slower and more difficult.

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5 thoughts on “Essay about marketing and advertising”

  1. I think advertising helps a lot to make a person conscious choice when buying a product. There is always the opportunity to see the novelties first)

  2. Everyone has long known that advertising is a motor of trade. It helps us to learn about new products faster. And we make our choice in the store already knowing what we want. We do not have to suffer before the counter. But sometimes advertising is too much.

  3. In my opinion advertising is very good way to give same information to people about new products faster than usually and it helps us to know about newly products and we can choose some product we need with help it.It is great way!

  4. With the help of advertising there would be no earnings at all. Profit from it are not only honest entrepreneurs, hucksters, but also scams. Therefore, advertising is not only a plus, but in a negative.

  5. marketing and advertising are generally inseparable concepts. without one – there is no other. the profession of an advertising agent is always in demand, that he would not sell!

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