Essay about marketing concept

Essay about marketing concept

The marketing concept
It is the term “concept” – of Latin origin and meaning “understanding or system.” Observing the development of marketing concepts, you can identify the tendency of formation and formation of marketing as a science and system formation.

Marketing Concepts are the main approaches, definitions, goals, principles and methods of marketing-oriented, market-oriented. Thus, there are five main approaches to organizing marketing activities that reflect the various stages of marketing growth.

The structure of the concept of marketing establishes its main components and allows you to conduct a comparative analysis of each of the concepts considered on the following elements: the concept of improving production, the concept of product improvement, the concept of intensification of commercial efforts, the concept of marketing, the concept of sociable and decent marketing.

Modern trends in marketing activities are closely linked to the transition to a new management paradigm, which refers to the system of views, consisting in the departure of the initial idea that the success of the company is determined primarily by the rational organization of production, reducing costs through the detection of internal production results, increase productivity and efficiency of use of all kinds of resources.

The concept of sociable and decent marketing – argues that the task of the company is to meet the needs, needs and interests of target markets and to provide the desired satisfaction of more effective and productive means than competitors. These types of marketing are a consequence of the development of the concept of clean marketing.

The basis of this strategy should be the continuous growth and deepening of specialization and concentration of production and sales, the structure should have a clear functional specialization.

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