Essay about marketing environment

Essay about marketing environment

Marketing environment
The effectiveness of the company’s operations in the market depends not only on the confrontation of the marketing mix used by it, but also on the trends and events happening in the marketing environment. Marketing firm environment – a set of active elements which operate outside the company and affect the possibilities of marketing to establish and uphold affair with goal customers successful interaction.

The marketing’s environment is divided into a microenvironment and a macroenvironment. The firm is closely connected with one and the other. To include micro-structure of the company, staff, services, information, facilities and products, that is, providing performance management, development, production and promotion of relations with suppliers, financial and other organs. The firm should be extremely careful about changes in the marketing environment.
The economic situation determines the purchasing power of consumers, which ultimately determines the capacity of the consumer market. Purchasing power depends largely on four factors: savings, current profits, prices and opportunities for using credit.

The legal system determines how far the legislation restricts competition, supports prices, protects the interests of consumers and the interests of society as a whole from the possible consequences of firms. The most urgent issues at the present stage are environmental protection.

The meaning of the company’s marketing policy is that it needs to pay more attention and invest more in such measures that enable it to promptly identify and adapt to the most important social changes. Taking into account the continuous changes in the living conditions of a society, the firm should constantly analyze the factors that may adversely affect its activities and develop appropriate preventive measures. Such activities should be carried out in two directions.

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