Essay about marketing function

Essay about marketing function

Marketing Function
Marketing functions are the individual types or complexes of types of specialized activities that are carried out in the process of functioning of the company as a market participant. Focusing on the principle of marketing methodology as a market concept of management and marketing, it is expedient to allocate four blocks of complex functions:
The analytical function is realized through the use of a number of tools for market analysis and its components for marketing research of various scales and the target direction, the result of which is the development of reasonable marketing plans of the strategic, tactical and operational level.

The components of this function are as follows: the study of the market as such; study of consumers; study of firm structure of the market; study of goods; analysis of the internal environment of the enterprise. In the field of providing transport services – the study of the economy of areas of gravity of transport enterprises and the definition of consumer demand for transport services by volume, directions, market segments and quality of transport services;
Comprehensive study and analysis of the transport market, competitors, placement of productive forces and analysis of transport security of regions, enterprises and the population.

The production function of marketing is intended for the formation and implementation of an innovative component in the commodity policy of the enterprise through the development and support of programs for creating new products and improving existing ones. The components of this function are as follows: organization of production of new goods; logistics organization; Competitiveness and Product Quality Management.

At the transport enterprise, this function is realized through planning and forecasting of transportation of cargoes, passengers and other types of transport services, optimization of transportation routes; development of measures for expanding the transport market, its diversification, improving the quality of transport and the efficiency of transport production.

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